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GREENPEAR Adventures

Albert Einstein once quoted, “The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.”  

One fact in life is we will all take our last breath one day. While this might sound grim, the fact is, when that day will be is out of our hands. But what is within our domain, we as individuals decide what to do with that one precious life we have.  Making a decision to live your life to the fullest, is one decision that is all up to you, without regret but filled with awesome adventure.  

Living your live to the fullest and making a difference is our motto. Life is full of negativity, challenges and dead ends.  Keeping a positive attitude might feel impossible at times and it is usually the people closes to us who feel this ripple effect. It all comes down to a choice that you have to make: Are you going to sit down and waste precious time when life knocks you down? Or are you going to make the choice to stand up, follow your dreams -big or small- invest your time in memories and experiences.  

Green Pear Adventures want to help motivate you to experience new memories through travel adventures allowing you to spend time with friends and family in the most intimidate. To live your life and venture to memories.  

Pierre Nel



+27 (0) 72 5946 455

  • Kruger Park Hiking Trail
  • Fanie Botha Hiking Trail
  • Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail
  • Fish River Hiking Trail
  • Canibal Hiking Trail
  • Oyster Hiking Trail
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