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Rooiheuwel is a self-catering Karoo Guest Farm in South Africa, situated in the beautiful surroundings of the escarpment of the Nuweveld mountains in the Great Karoo with a typical mountain-karoo landscape, 80km west of Beaufort West and 60km north of Leeu – Gamka.
The karoo with its unique landscape and wide open spaces is a place where the visitor is graced by a magnificent authentic karoo experience, diverse and varying scenery consisting of mountains, valleys, kloofs, plains and rivers with perennial pools and fountains. The silence, tranquility, peace and open starry sky at night is something special – a place where you can listen to the heartbeat of the Karoo.
It is also an enormous semi-desert and one of the world’s unique dry regions with the greatest variety of succulents in the world, a huge and diverse flora as well as a variety of primate, game, reptiles, invertebrates and birds.

Email: flip.marge.vivier@gmail.com


Phone. +27 (0)23 4121 669
Cell. +27 083 3876 699 (only reception area)
Fax. +27 (0)86 219 3491

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 237 Beaufort West
South Africa 6970


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