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Brindley Pritchard


Mobile: 083 459 8903


It started at the age of 12, when I realized the significance of art, 
and at that tender age painting became a vehicle for the need to create.  

Surrounded by all things beautiful inside and outside of our house on a koppie in the Skurweberg area near Pretoria, it was no great surprise. My father's sculptures and the beauty of nature had made it's impression. 

 Ten years of formal art training in Pretoria followed, and my early career was filled with many murals, as well as portraits and interiors in oil.  At that time I was especially drawn to the rich texture and color found in textiles, but also found myself not satisfied with only depicting the visual scene. I started delving into the rich world of the human condition, and portraying the scenes in their lives that could tell a thousand stories. 
A fruitful time of painting commissions and murals in South-Africa, Dubai and Germany followed. 

 Forward to 2014, through 35 delightful years of painting. My own story has made a great turn, and the reason for that change has become the focus of my art. It’s a person, and His name is Jesus Christ!  
Walking along with Him is a deep and unexplainable experience. 
I now strive to capture the spiritual presence and reality of each setting.

The first work in this category was the Last Supper, and a portrait of Jesus followed. These works flow from my spirit, and cannot be discussed here, but feel free to contact me if you have questions, even objections. 
I am planning and working on more work depicting Jesus Christ, 
and want to expand on the relational theme I started in the Last Supper painting. 
Depictions of the ocean is a natural outflow of my spiritual journey, as the water is so magnificent and ever changing, just like God. I look at the waves as I walk and talk to Him, and the streams of living water flows through my hands.  My brush  also has found its pleasure in portraying the interesting effects that light plays on this exciting ever changing giant.

 Thus identity of my talent has found itself in detailed realism. The challenge that light and nature brings is the chosen anvil that I use to create every painting on. My prospect is to rely more in the future on brushwork alone, and the freshness of it. So I am being stripped in this journey from control and perfectionism towards more life and exuberance. I like that, don't you?

I look back at the hills and valleys of my painting career up until now, seeing a wonderful road well worth traveling, but looking forward I see a fantastic view with a new word written: GROWTH. How exciting! Once again the creative power for every brushstroke comes from Truth, living inside of me. The Honesty I started with continues...

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