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The driving force behind the creative spirit of artist/musician Ruddha is a deeply-sincere vision, a heart-felt desire to help humankind awaken to its true spiritual nature.

This, he says, is the calling of every sentient being on Earth: the realization that we are here, in the physical realm, to rediscover our spiritual origins and, indeed, our Awakening to them.

“It is my mission,” he says, “to facilitate Spiritual Awakening by means of my art and music.”

He explains that his visual art is often inspired by his music and vice versa: When he receives the inspiration to write music, for instance, he often reacts to this inspiration with a work of visual art – “an extension, in this physical realm, of the process of inspiration,” he says. A Veritable interaction with the higher realm portrayed in the media of both art and music.

“I am a Digital Shaman communing and healing through Music and Art”  Mobile: +27 82 923 1878  Fax: 086 687 0932



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