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World Elephant Day

In conservation, good news is often the absence of bad news, especially for elephants – where the headlines are mostly about the deadly ivory wars and a species facing near extinction. The threats are real, and the future of the planet's largest terrestrial mammal is at stake.  But there are some extraordinary things happening across Africa for elephants; there are stories of survival and hope all around us. 
Today on World Elephant Day, we want to share five pieces of #goodnews for Africa’s elephants:

  1. Elephants in Zakouma are on the rise. Just last year, we counted more than 80 elephant calves under the age of three in Zakouma National Park in Chad. This is the first time in over a decade that the population has grown, and the herd has surpassed 500 individuals.
  2. 520 elephants just got a new home in Malawi. We carried out one of the largest elephant translocations in history, which concluded last week, to repopulate Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve and help make the park one of Malawi’s premiere wildlife elephant reserves.
  3. Garamba’s elephants have added protection. Thirty-nine elephants received GPS tracking collars in May in Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is on the frontline of the poaching war, so we can better protect and monitor them.
  4. Elephants in central Africa find safe harbour. In Chinko, in the Central African Republic, we have secured a 17,000km2 core area, making it free of threats from poachers and cattle herders. Elephants have been seen moving back into this safe zone, where our rangers are protecting them.
  5. More than 15,000 elephants are under protection by African Parks.  With 11 parks in eight countries and six and a half million hectares under our management, we are providing safety to endangered species across the continent. Our 850 rangers make up the largest counter-poaching force for an NGO in Africa, and their efforts extend far beyond the parks, providing security for people and animals alike.

Join us in spreading the good news and share this email on World Elephant Day.

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African Parks

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